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A day to Remember

A day to Remember



I was in my office working on detailing some panel drawings when a truck driver came in and had a load for one of the other companies located at my office and wanted to know about getting someone to unload it. I volunteered as I had many times in the past and I went outside into the yard, fired up the forklift and proceeded to unload the truck.


Just the same type of ole day as any other day. As I was walking back into my office when Art who was working up stairs in the same building as I did called to me to come and watch something that was going on in the news.


As I approached his desk and watched the monitor of his computer I saw the second plane as it crashed into the world trade center and saw the explosion and then the collapse of the building. My heart cried as I tried to hold back the tears for the site of this was a horrible shock and seemed impossible to believe. But as I listened to the news person it was obvious it was for real and not some kind of prank.


I returned to my office with what seemed like a million thoughts racing through my mind. The President of the United States had grounded all air craft and within what seemed like minutes the news about the Pentagon being under attack was revealed. I had no idea what to do. My only thoughts was to go home and watch the news for I knew I could protect my wife and myself better from my place than I could from my office.


Over and over again I watched the same video of the plane as it burst into flames and the massive dust bowl that rose up from the ground as the buildings collapsed.


It was only a short time after the attack on our native soil I began to wonder if the military our new breed of young men and women could handle the fight that President Bush had proposed. America had not really seen battle at this level before at least not for many years past. My thoughts that we were unprepared or under staffed began to worry me and no one really new if the attacks were over or if more were imminent.


It turns out my concerns though legitimate were really not a concern at all. The men and women of the United States Armed Service were called upon and with a vengeance their performance was nothing short of excellent. The men and women in Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical and Fire Control within a short period of time had adjusted to the Presidents commands and it has been nine years and we have been kept safe within our boundaries.


So take a few minutes to reflect on where you were when America was tested and never forget to thank those who sacrificed so much to keep us safe and send a prayer to those who lost so much.


Fly your Flag with Pride for this is truly the Greatest Country on Earth.

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