Terry Thomas

The Tree of Life

                                                                                                Written by: Terry Thomas

Tree of Life

People wonder around this earth Lord everyday

Their searching for more worldly things, looking for a better way

To make their life more worldly, to make their status known

To show everyone around them, all the things that they own

Well I’m on a different path; I’m searching night and day

I’m trying to do the things that’s right, I happy just for this day

For I know that it’s out there, and someday I pray I’ll see

God will find me worthy to eat at the living tree

That tree of life is all I want and I have no time to waste

I know what I must do if I want a taste

So I will worship my Lord and I’ll sing my praise to thee

And pray that I will taste, the fruit of eternity

That tree of life, Gods tree of life, is for all who believe

In Gods Holy Son who holds the keys to eternity

You can have the glory and all the riches that you see

For me I’ll take Gods tree of life, a life of eternity


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