Terry Thomas

God was There

                                                                                                Written by: Terry Thomas

God was there

God was there the day that I went astray

God watched as I wondered and lost my way

Into the darkness I was bound, there was danger all around

God called my name, but I never heard a sound

Then the fear from within, began to settled in

In the darkness I could no longer see

Lions were at my feet, as my eyes began to weep

And the demons would not let me be

So I cried to my Lord, out of fear, for death was near

Then I heard the stick strike the stone

All at once I could see, a shepherd before me

He led me safety to the altar of Gods Throne

I fell down on my knees, raised hand in praise to thee

The shepherds’ staff once again struck the stone

There was nothing left to fear, as the danger disappeared

And I was led to the Altar of Gods Throne

Through my prayer, I found faith, God sent his shepherd to keep me safe

And I was led to the Altar of Gods Throne

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