Terry Thomas

Finding Eternity

                                                                                                Written by: Terry Thomas

Finding Eternity

I use to think that I was in control

That going to church, cared for my soul

Slowly I am learning, how wrong I have been

And that God is in control of the storm that I am in

I have no control over this destiny of mine

I always get angry when the Lord is not on time

I blame God instead of me, for all the things I fail to see

Instead of thanking God for all the things he’s given me

I look to tomorrow for the things I think I need

God looks to my future; He’s always there with me

For my thoughts are full of all the worldly things

Giving Satan room to work, in my life and in my dreams

Then I pray everyday and every night

For I know that I’m in the fight of my life

And at the moment when I am sure, all is lost and I can’t win

My Lord God above, comes forth and takes me in

Teaching me that faith is the way

For the worldly things will come and go someday

But faith in the Lord goes beyond what I can see

Seek the Lord God above, and you will find eternity

Seek the Lord God above, and you will find eternity

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