Terry Thomas

Lets Get Real

Let Us Get Real


After receiving Lord only knows how many emails and letters about how if you pass this message on to someone about how much God loves you good things will happen to you. Some of them promise the blessing will come on a certain date; some of them even have it down to the hour that this great miracle will come. I can not begin to explain how demeaning I find these references to the Lord blessing all those idiots you play along with the stupidity.


Let us look at this sanely. First there are tens of thousands of children dying everyday from hunger and disease. Lord only knows how many men and women are dying from all of the known diseases. And here comes some email from someone who after sinning for thirty or forty years decided one day they would now love Jesus. If they decided that one day that they would love Jesus they also decided, that one day, that anything they could want or anything anyone else could want they now have the power to make it happen.


I hate to break your bubble, but you are wrong. The Lord is a very busy man. I mean think about it, once are children are in bed we have the night to ourselves, to relax, read a book, get some sleep. The Lord on the other hand when it is night time in America it is daytime somewhere else so it is a never ending conflict that he must address everyday and every night.


I sin ever day and on a regular basis, I admit it, I know it to be true. Don’t get me wrong I try to behave, but try as I may I still sin whether it is by mouth of by eye I sin. Now I know this and therefore I try to do as much good as I can in any given day also. It is sort of like balancing the scales of justice.


If you need a new car, a better home to live in, more money in the bank you are praying to the wrong person. When and only when are hearts are stricken with grief, when we have exhausted all things that seem logical, when we can no longer find are way, these are the times when the Angels are working.


Let’s talk about our love for the Lord. We all say we love him and we are true believers. When Peter was confronted about hanging out with the Lords son as Jesus was being persecuted and Peter who feared he also would be nailed to a cross denied even knowing Jesus. That does not sound like love to me. I can honestly say this that most mothers would fight, kick, scream and even give their own life if someone tried to drag one of their children off and nail them to a cross, that to me is undying love.


If you think that after you have raped and murdered some innocent person that once you feel the chemical enter your vain from the lethal injection you can ask the Lord to forgive you and you will shoot straight up to heaven, well you are wrong.


Everyone who has lived life long enough to sin or break one of the commandments is going to dance on the hot stones. How long we dance depends on the good we have done and how much effort we put into our efforts to love our Lord. I know a few people who may only pass close to the trail of fire, but I do not know very many.


The love required is undying and never wavering. We are human and we can not achieve this no matter how hard we try. With that said it is comforting to know that the harder we try the less we will have to dance.


The Lord will find away to guide me and no one or any email with false promises is going to change that. He will lead me and I won’t have any idea when and how it was done and neither will you.


I know I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I am what I am. I know I will have to pay the price for the sins I have committed and I have no fear of this for I also know as I continue my journey in life and try to do the things that are good for others, love my Lord and try to obey, which I find difficult at best. That someday I will be brought forth and I will know I have paid my debt.


So please no more emails about Jesus whooping up twenty dollar bills to make my life better. Let's let Jesus tend those who have lost their way, let's let Jesus ease the pain for those that suffer, let's let Jesus guide those who sacrifice their life to find cures for those things that take our loved ones before their time, let's let Jesus guide those who are willing to sacrifice their life to stop the aggression that is being forced on the innocent, let's let Jesus do his job and lets focus on doing ours.


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