Terry Thomas

Keeping the Faith

                                                                                                Written by: Terry Thomas

Keeping the Faith

I raise this Altar to the Lord for the blessings you given me

As the sun lights the day I will pray to Thee

As the stars light the night, the moon shines the way

I will sing my praises to my Lord everyday

Faith is a belief, an undying trust

One cannot faultier in this world filled with lust

Satan shows us all the worldly things we need to see

But faith in our Lord, shows only what we need

Faith is a word that is larger than the sea

Stronger than anything we have ever seen

Faith can light our way in the darkness of night

Faith, the Lords Faith, is our eternal light

I believe in Faith, thou it is so hard to do

But Faith will never come, unless you believe it is true

Faith will lift you up, open your heart and let you see

Faith in the Lord, is all you’ll ever need 

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