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We The People

We the people                                                7/8/2016

It was only a few weeks ago or more when a man who claimed him self to be a terrorist killed a lot of American people.

Almost immediately the US Senate Democrats started shouting for gun control and so forth. They even went as far as to stage a sit down, which by the way I found that to be childish and if I was kin to any of them I would have definitely been ashamed.

Now a black man who has ties to the Black Panthers killed white law enforcement officers and wounded civilians.

Where are the Democrat officials now, why not the same outrage about guns. Why are they not having another childish sit down to show their support for greater gun control?

What do you think is holding them back?

I would like to think that I am not prejudice, but this does get me to thinking.


I just wonder if it could have anything to do with the vote.

If it was someone with ties to a terrorist group, democrats will raise the roof shouting about gun control.

If it was a white man with no terrorist ties shooting up the neighbor hood our democratic officials will scream at the top of their lungs, America needs more gun control.

If it is a black man, Hispanic man or and illegal alien shootings up our neighborhoods our democratic officials are silent.

I can not speak for everyone, but for me. This tells me the democratic officials don’t give a crap about the safety of its people. They only care about putting more democrats into public office.

Democrats are learning the nationality of Americans is changing and before long the white folks will be in the minority versus all of the other nationalities if white folks are not already the minority.

So when white folk’s break the law democrat officials are in a rage, but with another nationality breaks the law, democrat officials stay silent so as to not offend anyone inside their voting circle.

I can not change your mind with respect to what political party you chose to affiliate with. I can you hope regardless of you nationality you are intelligent enough to see what these elected democratic officials real agenda is.

The Democratic Party wants total control of America.

If they ever get it, and once you folks realize the mistake you made.

The Democratic Party will have had enough time to change the rules to where America can never get back to being America again.

And that folks is something none of us want, regardless of our political beliefs.

Folks they say everyone likes to be on or cheering for the winning team.

But this is not a game although a lot of folks play like it is a game.

This is not R versus D.

What this is folks is an on going battle by all Americans to see to it the checks and balances that were set in place by the founding fathers of the constitution.

Stay in place.

So don’t play the game, when it comes time to vote, vote for America and some person who to quote a phrase is not, “peeing down your back and telling you it is only rain”.


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