Terry Thomas


                                                                                                Written by: Terry Thomas


Lord I pray to thee, for today I feel so all alone

Like I’m lost and cannot find my way home

Somehow I have strayed, thou I know not what I have done

I feel as thou today, is a day Satan has won

I turn to you my Father, the Lord God above

I pray you will hear me and open up your love

For Satan is not allowed in the house where I dwell

He sickens my spirit and deceives me as well

My Lord Jesus Christ, the son of the God of Abraham

I pray you will forgive me, for I am just a mortal man

I know not what I did, for Satan shields these things from me

As he shows me the path, that leads me from Thee

Strengthen my faith my Lord by letting your light shine

So that Satan may know, I am yours and you are mine

Please take away the shadow of darkness Satan cast over me

Lead me to your pasture so I may worship thee

Let your love shine down upon me and take away my fears

For I am your servant until my dying years

I pray from my heart from deep within my soul

Find me Father please and bring me back within your fold


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