Terry Thomas


                                                                                                Written by: Terry Thomas

See me Home

Father why is it today, I feel so all alone

Like a child who is lost, can’t find their way home

Wondering in the darkness, in a world of lost souls

Father hang on to me, my Lord don’t let go

Of the one who at times puts the blame on you

For all of the misery, one is going thru

One who really knows, the fault is not yours

One who’s lost their faith, one that satan lures

An empty heart into, his house full of fire

With promises of things, the things ones heart desires

Pull me back my Lord, in you I trust

I know it’s not your fault, for you died to save us

Halleluiah my God my King

Of your home I do dream

My Lord don’t let go, forgive me

For I’m of little faith, I’m not alone

God has made me, sustained me, and God will bring me home

Sometimes I lose faith, I’m not alone

God has made me, and God will see me home


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