Terry Thomas

BAR Thoughts 2

BAR Thoughts # 2                                    6/28/2016

I have still been battling the accuracy of the BAR 7 MM. It has been an ongoing challenge but to my surprise it was not me who solved my problem, it was Hornady.

Hornady came out with a new type of hunting ammunition for just a few calibers called Precision Hunter. According to Hornady they have reduced the powder load a little, and matched the powder to a specific type of primer.

What they have really done is the same thing hand loaders have worked towards for years.

Hornady has produced factory ammunition that maintains a constant pressure range round after round. That is in my opinion the ultimate answer for automatic shooting rifles.

Automatic rifles have a lot going on internally once the weapon has fired. Consistent pressure is the one thing that will make an automatic rifle fire accurately.

The Precision Hunter ammo is not perfect with respect to consistent pressure by it is real close. I know this by its accuracy not by equipment testing.

Both of my 7 MM BAR’s shoot a consistent 3.5 inch group at 300 yards. My Savage and Remington Bolt rifles both shoot less that 3 inch groups, and down to a 2 inch group at 300 yards with the Precision Hunter by Hornady.

So for me I will not longer beat myself up trying to come up with a load that is accurate in my BAR 7 MM’s.

I ordered in ten boxes of Precision Hunter and keep them stocked on the shelf for the wife’s and my next elk hunt. In Arizona timber country very few if any shots are longer than 400 yards and we only hunt the cow elk for meat.

Zero your BAR at 300 yards and you are worry free.   

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