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The Rest Room

The Rest Room                                    6/28/2016

I have given this a lot of thought folks and I keep coming up with the same answer.

This is how it starts; a man and a woman have sex. The woman becomes pregnant and then if all goes well about nine months later a child is born. Either a girl or a boy.

Now this new born baby has no intention of changing its sex. As of matter of fact it will be awhile before the babies understands what sex they are.

This change in sex thing or ones desire to prefer one of the same sex as their partner is something that happens over time. Be it by upbringing, abuse, the list could go on and on.

But the fact remains it is something that happens later on in life rather than something that happens at the moment of birth.

What offends me?

1. When people be it of different sexes or people being of the same sex are caring on in a manner that is made for behind close doors. I don’t mind one person giving another person a peck on the cheek or a quick kiss on the lips while I am in public. But to advertise your beliefs, trying to show everyone you are a lover, or you are gay by turning the peck on the cheek into some two minute ordeal in public, I don’t like it. That is where the phrase “Get a Room” came from.

2. The fact that due to some unknown reason an individual has decided to become gay or change their sex does not offend me. What does offend me is, that is their choice, not mine and I should not have to share the rest room with them just because they made the decisions they have made.

There are a lot of gay people in this country and they have every right to be what ever they choose to be. They do not have the right to try and force me to accept the decisions they have made, and most that I have met do not.

But this article is not about one being straight or gay, this article is about the few who have gone on to change their physical being from what is was at their time of birth.

Let me just say that if the plumbing is in place then I guess I can accept that fact and share my rest room with you.

But if this change is only in your mind, then the sharing thing is not going to happen and you are going to feel real uncomfortable if you try the sharing thing.

To me folks it is simple.

If I as a man enter the women’s rest room still being a man by way of plumbing then I have violated your space and that is something that should not be tolerated. Anymore than if you as a woman entered my rest room and violated my space all the while you are trying to convince me that in your mind you believe you are a man.

If I want to use your rest room then I will do so once the plumbing has been corrected. I would also appreciate you giving me the same respect.

Other than a plumbing fix there is no acceptable excuse for someone of the opposite sex being in the other sexes bathroom, locker room, what ever.

It is so stupid, and so dangerous for not only yourself but for the children.

If in my mind I believe I am an astronaut, NASA is not going to let me fly the shuttle, I guarantee you that, and I know you know I am right.

If the shoe fits, I will let you wear it, but don’t try and sell me your bill of goods about you having two left feet when I can see that you don’t.

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