Terry Thomas

A little for the Lord

A little for the Lord: By Terry Thomas

Let us fill our bird houses with seed
Find and lend a hand to those in need

Let our children have the street
To play in once again

Make sure you talk with family
And say hello to an old friend

Let us sit on the porch
And hear that story one more time

The smell of Sunday dinner
As the breeze moves the chime

Let the elderly laugh out loud
Let their hearts be big and proud

Let us be thankful for our lives
And for this day

No remorse, no resentment
Against those with better pay

Let our children learn from words
And not by thy hand

Let all women know
They are safe with their man

Let evil know their price
Will be severe

And let’s take this day
To set aside all our fears

If you are here today and
Can recite these words aloud

Remember there are countless
Who are not in the crowd

There is your great, great, great grandma
Who you never met

There is your great, great, great niece or nephew
Who is to still come forth yet

Your life is everything to
Those from the past

Your life is everything to
To the future little lass

Let us just give a little for the Lord
Let him have just one day of peace

No soldiers die, no children cry
No violence in the Middle East

Just one day with no sin
At least as best as a mortal can

One day of worship
To honor this Great Man

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