Terry Thomas

Fathers Day

A Father:

He starts his life as a student. Through the years we learn the important things from our parents.


A.      What is hot?

B.       What’s not?

C.       Right from wrong.

D.      Manners.

E.       Respect of our elders.

F.       Religion.

G.       Matching colors.

H.      How to cook.

I.         How to clean.

J.        How to do laundry.

K.      The value of a dollar.

L.       How to earn a dollar.

M.     How to love.

N.      How to ride a bike.

O.      How to drive a car.

P.       How to swim.

Q.      How to sharpen a knife.

R.       How to fish.

S.       How to hunt.

T.       Maintenance of equipment.

U.      How to dance.

V.       How to defend our self.

W.    The truth about lying.

X.      The joy of giving.

Y.       That dreams can come true.

Z.       And to be careful of what you wish for.


Oh yea, our ABC’s.


Then one day we realize we are no longer the student we are now the teacher.


Let us teach all the lessons we can as best we can for this is now our job, and when we graduate from Teacher to Professor once the Grand Children arrive let us continue to teach tradition as we have learned it.


I think we should also teach a lesson to our self’s, I recommend this one each and every day.


Heavenly Father, Thank You for giving me the opportunity to prove my worthiness once again.

And for the many blessing bestowed upon me of which I am not worthy.




Happy Fathers Day

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