Terry Thomas

The Bright Light

The Bright Light: By Terry Thomas

A cowboy set his horse as he gazed at

The star that night.

And couldn’t remember the last time

He’d seen a light so bright.

He wondered if the light which

So suddenly appeared.

If it just came round once and again

For he had not seen it in his forty years.

As he gazed upon the star that

Seemed to light the way

He heard a sound behind him

And he put spurs to his old bay.

The light shined a beam on a

White face baby calf.

Who was frightened and all alone

And had no idea where she was at.

The cowboy dismounted and

Took the calf in his arms

Then laid her across his saddle

So she would come to no harm.

The night had no moon and darkness

Should have prevailed.

But that star lit the way and the

Cowboy found the trail.

The calf he once held so

Tenderly in his arms.

Was now safe and warm as she

Moseyed around the barn. 

She bawled out of hunger but

Not out of fright.

And a old mother cow

Came into sight.

The old mother cow well

She took the baby right in

And let the baby nurse away

Until her belly was full again.

The cowboy just stood there and

Wondered about the star 

Then he gave thanks to the Lord

For seeing him safely thus far.

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