Terry Thomas

Staff Sergeant Webb

Staff Sergeant Webb: By Terry Thomas

From the first day of boot camp platoon 1035 was led by a man of color,

Staff Sergeant Webb. From day one until I graduated I hated that man.

I arrived in Vietnam and was placed in staging to receive my clothing, boots,

rifle and what ever gear I needed before being sent to the field.

Two days at Dang Ha and daybreak found me air born to the field to

hook up with India Company 3/3 or Third Marines, Third Division.

Green smoke and a few moments later my boots touched the ground.

3/3 was on the move and stopped long enough to received five young boys,

as we were not men.  We climbed all day up some dang mountain in high

humidity. About half way up I gave out for a minute. My platoon leader gave

me a poop disk as we called them. Back then we were still on rations from

the Korean War. It was a round, flat chocolate bar. I ate and he said

“Let’s go Marine”. It was at that moment that I realized I Loved Sergeant Webb.

His relentless pursuit to make you believe you could do it, made you do it.

Thank you Staff Sergeant Webb.

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