Terry Thomas

The Promise Land

                                                                                                Written by: Terry Thomas

The Promise Land

I raise my hands in praise to thee

For you are my mountain, you are my sea

You light my path at night until the morning dew

My Lord God above, I sing my praises to you

The path to eternity is there for all to see

Satan tries to blind us, to keep us from Thee

Our walk thru this life someday will come to an end

Then those who walk with God will learn to walk again

Into the promise land, the land filled with your love

Eternal life is ours, if we worshiped God above

At the end of the trail, you will find his guiding light

An Angels to greet you as you start your new life

A life filled with worship, no evil, no more pain

Your spirit is filled with loved as the family gathers again

No more fears, no more worries, for everything is done

Just a life filled with peace, as we worship God’s Great Son

The God of Abraham, The father of Jesus Christ

Who died on the cross, so we could have this new life

The new world is the Lords church, as we sing unto him

Thank you our Savoir, for this world we now live in

Thank you our Savoir, for this world we now live in

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