Terry Thomas

The Farm

                                                                                                Written by: Terry Thomas

The Farm

Lord let me today plow my fields with faith

Caring for family and keeping them safe

Working from dawn to dust

In the fertile land with Gods trust

Lord let me work all day long until the sun is gone

I will not complain for you have made my body strong

Care for me at night, while I rest in your arms

Bless me with wisdom, protecting me from harm

Give me the strength to pull my plow on earths holy ground

So I may provide for those to whom I am bound

Strengthen me each night as I rest in your barn

So when tomorrow comes, I may tend to your farm

My strength comes from you for each day I feel so blessed

Each night you restore my faith, and watch over me as I rest

You bless me in your stable, you comfort me at night

You give me the strength to go forward into mornings light

Let me tend the fields, the ones you entrusted me

So my children may learn as they watch me work for Thee

I am truly grateful, that by my side you chose to stand

For there is no place I would rather be, than in your caring hands

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