Terry Thomas

Gods Trust

Gods Trust

I now know what it is like, to be within Gods fold

I now know what my mission is, and what my future holds

I understand that all I have, it is not really mine

For my God is here forever, I’m only here for a short time

Put in charge of a piece of Gods most holy land

Where I can worship and pray, beneath Gods might hand

For I am just a servant unto the Lord during my time

God walks this earth forever his creation so divine

God has entrusted us to care for that which we think is ours

To nurse Gods precious land to keep the fruit from turning sour

Once we understand, who we are and why we are hear

God will send his blessings, and take away our fear

God gives us life and God lights the way

And those who understand will always kneel and pray

To their Lord God above for the gifts he has loaned to us

We bow our heads and pray, we prove worthy of Gods trust


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