Terry Thomas


                                                                                    Written by: Terry Thomas


A cowboy came to town

In search of the rodeo grounds

He fancied himself a top hand

Could ride and rope as good as any man

The cowboy drew Moses, from the biblical book

He wondered why the other cowboys, gave him such a strange look

Moses was a beast and filled with hate

Many men had set him, no man had made eight

The cowboy settled on top of Moses, who was pinned in the gate

One of the clowns stepped up and said, cowboy you only need eight

The gate flew open and Moses calmly stepped outside

The crowd and the other cowboys couldn’t believe their eyes

Then without any warning came the storm

And ole Moses began to perform

Two seconds passed before Moses began to dance

The cowboy needed six more if he was to have a chance

The cowboys’ dream of a buckle made of gold

Well that would be one story that would go untold

For six seconds into the cowboys ride of life time

Moses spun like lighting and elevated his behind

Like a clown shot out of a cannon the cowboy did fly

Some folks thought he could touch the clouds in the sky

The cowboys landing caused him to cuss

And Moses turned towards him raking his hoof in the dust

Moses had the cowboy they were looking eye to eye

The clowns thought for sure this cowboy would die

Then Moses dipped his head and turned and walked away

The cowboy rose to his knees as if to pray.

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