Terry Thomas

Man of Men

Man of Men: By Terry Thomas

Once there was this cowboy

A man who knew no fear

He could fight and shoot

And wrestle down any type of steer

Well respected through out the land

For this tough Hombre, was a man’s man

In his bed roll by the fire light, he was tightly bound

He rolled onto his back, and then he heard that sound

This man who knew no fear, was scared half to death

Like a frighten little child, he slowly began to wept

He eased his way out of that bed roll, one inch at a time

It seemed to take forever, but he was doing just fine

As his feet cleared the bed roll, he jumped to a stance

Grabbed his rifle and knife, as backwards his feet danced

This cowboy, man of men, fear never entered his head

Until that night, when a rattle snake crawled into his bed
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