Terry Thomas

The Wrath of God

                                                                                                Written by: Terry Thomas

The Wrath of God

Are you afraid of the wrath of the Lord God above

If you are not, you should be, even if you know his love

You think that since pray, go to church now and then

That the Lord will walk by you, as if you have no sin

You and you alone, will have to atone for all you’ve done

God’s scale of justice, God will judge us, one by one

In Gods left hand lays the evil and all the things you’ve done wrong

God’s right hand holds the goodness and all the kindness you have shown

Each one will stand judgment, Gods judgment all alone

No one will stand with you as you face Gods mighty throne

You still have time in this life that you now live

To pray, keep Gods commandments, and in your heart you must forgive

You will not be given a chance to explain the evil that you’ve done

God will point them out to you each and every one

Then from God’s right hand he will measure out the good

God weighs the evil against the hand that hold the good


If Gods right hand runs empty of the blessings you received

Into the pit of fire, is where he will send thee.

No Mercy will you find, as the earth beneath you shakes

God gave you a life time, to choose the path you chose to take


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