Terry Thomas

The Little ole Lady

The Little ole Lady: Written by Terry Thomas

The old cowboy set his chair, close to the fire that night

As he mended a halter, in the warm glowing light

He was having a whiskey, and thinking about the snow

Outside the line shack, he could hear the wind blow

He stopped now and again, to glance at the flame

As it flickered on and off, snow flakes down the chimney were to blame

A knock came and he rose, and stood on his floor

Pistol in hand as crept to the door

Just a plank door with, no way to see thru

He eased the door open, his pistol pointing true

A little ole Lady who was wrapped in a shawl

It glistened in white, from all the snow fall

She asked if she could come in, and the cowboy opened the door

As she removed her shawl, snow flakes hit the floor

He invited her to the fire, so she could get warm

And closed the door behind him, to help block out the storm

She sat there quietly, as the wind howled

Then the cowboy realized, it was her stomach that growled

He went to the cup board, for a plate he had there

And he ladled out some of his beans for her to share

As she ate the beans and bread, for she was hungry he could tell

He went and gathered blankets, that was resting on a shelf

He made a bed or blankets, and said “I will sleep here,

You can have my bunk and rest with no fear”

The cowboy stretched out, on the hard wood floor

And the lady took his bunk, just a few feet from the door

The cowboy awoke a little after first light

He quickly stoked the fire, till blaze burned bright

He looked over at his bunk, but the bed was still made

No sign of the Lady, who last night he had fed

With pistol in hand he went outside at the ready

Looking for signs, of the Little ole Lady

There were no foot tracks, at least no sign anymore

Except for a few paw prints, that led to his door

He walked back inside, and was totally confused

And he glanced at his bunk, that looked unused

The cowboy never told, the story to anyone

For no one would believe, what he said or what he done

He just reflects back, every now and again

About the Little ole Lady, who just wanted to come in

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