Terry Thomas

Only a Woman Knows

Only a Woman Knows


Where to begin, I know lets start in the kitchen. I have often wondered what grade level it was that taught women about dishes. Mind you I am not complaining about the fact that my wife does the dishes, I mean come on, bless her little heart. I am not complaining about how long it may take her to complete her task and I am not complaining about how long it may take her to eventually put the dishes away where they belong. What I am curious about is where or how did she learn to stack them in the dish rack.


My wife can stack more dishes in a dish rack than any other woman I have ever known. Now my Mother God rest her soul was well schooled at this art also but she was no match for my wife.


Once she finishes her dishes I believe that she says a little prayer as she quietly steps back so that the wind current does not cause anything to shift and therefore destroying what she has created. It is truly a work of art. It looks so unstable that I am afraid to even use the remote control to change television stations.


For the first time in her life she now has a dish washer. It is fitted beautifully into the custom cabinetry and has all kinds of really cool buttons and lights. She has never even opened the door and I now think I understand. With two side walls and a roof there is no challenge to stacking the dishes, no creativity, nothing to challenge her inner talents and so it is taboo.


As I said earlier I am not complaining about any of the above my only question is this.


Why is it that my coffee cup is always placed in some sort of structural support position that would even astound some of the worlds greatest engineers, yep there it is buried deep within the confines of the dinner dishes. Go figure.

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