Terry Thomas

The Saints

                                                                                                Written by: Terry Thomas

The Saints

Lord if you are there, let my prayer be heard

I give all I have, if you will hear my words

It is time that the Saints rise upon your land

Forming Gods posse, saving all that they can

The children of this world are being harmed by the insane

It seems no one is there, when they die in vane

Let the Saints who lead your army, rise up and go forth

Saving all the children, who need your support

Lord God above, we all pray to thee

Help us stop this madness that destroys Gods families

Send forth the Saints, with their sword in their hand

Help protect the children, who walk on Gods great land

The children of this land do not deserve to die

For they are innocent Lord please hear our cry

Send forth the Saints, blessed by your hand

So they can stop the madness that plaques your sacred land

We pray to God above, oh Lord how we pray

Send forth the Saints and keep our children safe

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