Terry Thomas

The Baby

The Baby

It was on this day long ago
That the world would come to know

A child who would someday be a man

This child would learn to teach
He would also learn to preach

The gospel that was known through out the land

With his hands he would heal
At his words folks would kneel

The multitudes would follow where he led

People listened to what he said
They saw him raise the dead

They watch as he walked on waters edge

A man of flesh and blood
Who no one understood

But they clung to every word that he said

A man who walked the road
Carrying the cross of hope

Who had no fear of dying in the end

A man who burdened our sin
Who loves us until the end

Who died so that we may live again

God touched a woman with his hands
In a way we don’t understand

Giving life to a child who would shine like the sun

Heavens light shined down from above
To a crying baby and a mothers love

We were saved by the blood of our saviors’ son

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