Terry Thomas

Sometimes I Wonder

                                                                                                Written by: Terry Thomas

Sometimes I wonder

Lord sometimes I wonder where you have gone

Sometimes I feel so empty, I feel so all alone

I pray with all my heart, as my life fills with fear

Lord sometimes I wonder, are you there and did you hear

Sometimes I feel as though Satan is going to win

I feel the evil spirits, surrounding me once again

Like I’m alone in the darkness, no way for me to see

So I just keep on praying, that somehow you’ll hear me

As I kneel and pray to you, I feel that evil is all about

It bushes up against me, and I start to have my doubts

Praying as hard as I can, on bended knees with shaking hands

Wondering if I have the strength, for I have done all I can

At the moment that I feel, now all I have is lost

I offer you everything, no matter what the cost

Then you lift me up and gently dry my eyes

Teaching me that faith, is the answer to my cries

So once again I no longer, wonder or have any doubts

I know God hears me, and will help me work things out

I know God hears me, and will help me work things out

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