Terry Thomas

Only a Woman Knows II

Only a Woman Knows II



Alright I have questions but I do not have answers.


It happened again yesterday, it has happened in the past many times I am sure but it finally hit me yesterday. Slow learner I guess.


I am in my man cave loading some ammunition you know adding gun powder to the brass cases. My wife comes in and sits beside me making small talk about my powder scales and how well I like my new electronic measuring scale. After a few minutes she leaves and as I am finishing up the last of the 49 cases I realize I have made a mistake. I had to dump all of the cases back into the powder measure and start over.


Just as I was starting over she came in again and made the comment she thought I would have been done by now. I explained that I had made a mistake and had to start over as I could not trust the rest of the ones I had loaded and it was best to just do it all over again.


Article A: She was very sympathetic and said she would leave me alone as she did not want to disturb me and cause me to make another mistake.


Now let us back up a few days. I ordered my wife a pajama gram for valentines and she really liked it. On Sunday she wore the slip and robe and when I questioned her about it having long pants she replied that it did and that was a different outfit than the one she was wearing.


Ok enough of that lets get back to my challenge. I started back correctly filling the brass shells with powder which is about one hour of steady hand and mind control when I hear, Well what do you think? I turn from my loading bench and there stands my wife with the other half of her valentine gift on.


I study the attire and compliment her on how nice it looks and then she comes over and I give her a kiss and she is gone.


Is it just me or did she just violate Article A listed above.

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