Terry Thomas

The Storm

The Storm

Now the cowboy was riding in a blizzard one day

In search of a line shack where he could stay

The snow was getting deep and the wind blew with such force

The cowboys’ hands seemed frozen to the reins of his horse

Death was upon him for without shelter he couldn’t survive

His only concern was for his horse that he choose to ride

Not sure where he was at or if he was on his home range

The cowboy stopped his horse as he gazed on something strange

There before him in the blizzard a fire burned with a glow

His horse picked up speed through the knee deep snow

The cowboy stepped down from his horse and felt the warmth of the fires coals

His horse stepped beside him; they looked like two lost souls

The cowboy needed shelter his horse needed a bed

For without both of those he knew they would be dead

Then the storm stopped as suddenly as it had begun

The moonlight lit the night like it was the morning sun

The cowboys concern was for his horse and that he be fed

Then the moonlight showed him the barn that was just ahead

Inside the barn there was water and hay it had it all

The cowboys’ horse pushed him aside as he walked into the stall

Where the fire came from the cowboy was at a lost

For there was no one around and all the wood was wet with frost

The cowboy knew he cheated death, in this storm he should have died

So he knelt and prayed to God, for he knew God was at his side


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