Terry Thomas

The Dream

                                                                                                Written by Terry Thomas

The Dream

It was one night not so long ago that I awoke in the middle of the night as I have many times before. Each time that happens to me now days, I just close my eyes and start praying about anything and everything that crosses my mind. Sometimes I fall into a deep sleep again, other times I just kind of twilight sleep, never really falling back into the deep sleep I so desire.


It was during one of those twilight sleeps while I was mentally talking to God that I had a dream.

I dreamt I was sitting on a mountain top during the night time hours. From this mountain top the whole earth was before me, laid out flat beneath the bottom of the mountain I was sitting on.

At the far end of the earth, though it was night time I could see the sky was starting to light up as if the sun rise was beginning. The little light that now lit the day allowed my to see all of the earths surface, all the mountains, all the plains, all the waters that covered Gods Holy land.

Then it started. There were streaks of light shooting from the earth up in to the heavens, much like a meteor shower, or the glimpse one gets from a shooting star. The only difference was that these streaks of light were coming from the earth shooting up. Hundreds upon hundreds of these shooting lights did I see.

I sat there on mountain in my dreams as my twilight sleepy prayer was being prayed to God above and I wondered. What are all those shooting lights coming from the earth and headed into the skies.

Then it came to me.

Those flashes of light that I was seeing were the spiritual souls of all those who breathed their last breath at that moment in time.

In the days of the Old Testament death was forever, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

In the New Testament if one believes that Jesus was in fact the son of God who was sent to die for our sins, then all shall rise and live again.

Jesus was Gods sacrificial lamb, for God knew that only he could offer a sacrifice that would in fact truly forgive us of our sins. We as mortal souls could never atone to God for our sins, no matter how hard we tried. For we are of the world, God is of the Spirit.

Through this gift of mercy, God did in fact reverse the curse of eternal death brought on by Satan unto Adam and all man kind.

Through Gods Holy Son, God gave all who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ a stay of execution. God gave all who believe and who worship the Lord Jesus Christ and all who try as hard as they can to live the Christian life that is written in the New Testament of the Bible. Eternal life, yes, God gave all who believe in Gods most Holy Son. Who was sacrificed for us, eternal life.

Those streaks of light were in my mind the souls of all the Christians who passed away that night.

I think God was giving me an answer to the question we all seek to know. Is there a God, and if so, is there truly eternal life.

All I know is during my hours of twilight praying to my Lord God Above, I dreamt what I dreamt.

So for me, I will try and do as I was told.

Do right while you walk on this earth, for your time is limited.

Follow Gods commandments at all times.

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, Gods Holy Son with all your heart.

Fear not for your Lord God Above is with you.



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