Terry Thomas

The Sand

                                                                                                Written by: Terry Thomas

The Sand

Lord why is each step I take so hard to do

The sand of the desert, Lord it seems so cruel

With each step that I take, I feel I can’t go on

Lord my heart cries out, for I am lost and alone

The burdens of this world seem so hard to bear

With each step that I take I cry out God are you there

Each step seems so much harder as I try and go on

God are you there please tell me where I went wrong

Father God Above can you show me where I went wrong

Can you take this broken spirit and somehow make it strong

Can you heal this hurting heart can you show me the way

I’ve surrendered myself to you Oh Lord how I have prayed

For my Lord is my God, and my God knows all things

It seems the sand that I walk has to respect for the King of Kings

Lord I stand before you for no strength do I have left

God I pray you’ll help me, help me take another step

Lord my heart aches as I cry out to you

God can you tell me what it is that I must do

Don’t leave me here my Father, in this desert full of sand

Forgive me of my sins; I place my life into your hands


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