Terry Thomas

Holy Throne

                                                                                                Written by: Terry Thomas

Holy Throne

God is the Holy one I sing my praise to thee

I don’t have the words to tell how much you mean to me

All that I have and all that I’ve become

Is because of your blessing, as I count them one by one

I live my life with no evil no fear inside

You’ve taught me that your love and your teachings are my guide

You lead me to a place with clear skies and calm seas

Eternal life for ever, where I can sing my praise to thee

A place where there’s no plaque, no sickness shall come again

Those who suffered in this life, with your mighty hand you will mend

A world that you have blessed with your undying love

Where we can live in peace and served our Lord God above.

My God who never wavered from the promise he made to me

Jesus, God’s Holly son was sent to help us see

That through the cross Jesus died on, the cross and cross alone

God showed all believers how to find God’s holy throne

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