Terry Thomas

Politically Correct

Politically Correct                                               8/24/2016

I was reading the news as I do everyday and I cannot believe how far off base America is at least to me.

From schools taking down the sex names of restrooms, to the royal mounted police in Canada allow Muslim personal to wear head bans and or scarf’s in lieu of the traditional uniform. Canada is not America, but what is happening their is also happening here. Be it drivers license bureau to city, state and government employees. 

I remember in 1970 I was stationed at Okinawa for a short period before returning home from Vietnam.

Now while serving in the honor guard at the base I let me hair get a few inches long. I was actually enjoying the fact that I had enough hair I could now part it with a comb.

Looking forward to returning to the states for leave I would be close to looking like a civilian instead of looking like I had just been scalped.

Then I got word that the sergeant major had requested I pay him a visit, and so I did.

The sergeant wanted to talk to me about my hair. He told me I needed to get it cut and I needed to do so that very day. In my defense I mentioned to the sergeant with great caution how the African American marines where all sporting Afro type hair do’s that were well over several inches in length. I mean some of them had hair that was four to five inches in length. When they put their hat on their head their hair bulged out on dang near all four sides of their head.

The sergeants’ reply was priceless.

He asked me, “Are you African American”? I replied, “No sir”. He replied, “Then get your hair cut”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was proud to be a Marine. I worked the first few months of my time in Vietnam with and all black gunner team led by a young man named L B Steele. I had the utmost respect for that team of men. When something hit the fan they were our first line of defense, and they never wavered from that responsibility.

But I now realize as far back as 1970 times were beginning to change.

I know in my heart that if the year had been somewhere in the 1950’s no man regardless of skin color or belief who was part of the marine corps, would have had hair any longer than a half of inch. That is unless they were in a combat zone where it would be months before one saw anything that resembled America, let alone a place to get your hair cut.

It is my opinion this disease started like a little bump on the skin of America, and political correctness has now become a disease in America for which there is no cure in site.

Regardless of party belief when the poles open, we the people may need to jump ship and vote for those who we know hold a conservative value. Those people who have the common sense to recognize the problems we face and who will begin to put judges on the benches’ and legislation before the president that will turn back this raging disease.




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