Terry Thomas

As I Dream

                                                                                                Written by: Terry Thomas

As I dream

As I kneel and pray alone

Before my family that has past on

They’re resting in peace

Waiting to go home

To that mansion God has promised

To all that believe

Where family shall meet again for eternity

God has promised to you and me

At the cross of Calvary

That the family shall come together once again

That is if we believe

In the cross of Calvary

And I dream about that day, we meet again

Dear God I praise thee

For the cross of Calvary

Where Jesus your Holy Son was put to death

So that we could be free

Live a life of eternity

Lord I will praise you until my final breath

Yes God I pray to thee

So you’ll know that I believe

As I dream about my friends and family

Yes God I believe

In the cross of Calvary

As I dream about the day, I can join my family

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