Terry Thomas

Gods Word

                                                                                                Written by: Terry Thomas

Gods Words

What lessons can we learn, from our Lord God above

For his teachings tells us of his undying love

Gods’ word is firm and there is no exception to his rule

His judgment is swift and sometimes cruel

How can we of mere flesh and blood

Understand something as powerful as Gods love

His words are strong and they lead to our salvation

But we try and turn them into our own explanation

Gods reply is immediate and with a strong hand

We are punished as we act like we don’t understand

We try to make believe it was just a simple mistake

But God knows better as he puts us back in our place

There is just the word, the word of the Lord God above

Obeying Gods word, is the answer to his love

God speaks the word of truth, and Gods meaning is clear

Doing as your are told is the answer to your fears

There are no exceptions to the commandments God gives

Each one must choose their own path, in this life that they live

One path leads to suffering, to the pit of lost souls

One path leads to eternity, where you are safe within Gods fold

Gods’ word is the word; and his word you can’t deceive

Worship, faith and prayer, is your shield to eternity


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